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Salthouse 2001/10 Cley 2011/21 where next?

As many of you are aware NNEP exhibitions were in Salthouse church until 2010, when after ten years several longstanding committee members stood down and it was thought the project might end!

Various people stepped up to the challenge and we have enjoyed being in Cley since 2011 but the church is taking a new direction that sadly does not include the exhibition occupying the space for a month.

Following our review meeting it became clear that several longstanding committee members, are planning to step down/step back from their current roles it was however decided that every effort should be made to continue.    

To be able to do this
NNEP needs to source 

  • a new venue 
  • a new coordinator (Honorium in place)
  • new committee members including Chair

For more information, to offer support or volunteer please contact 
Mary (NNEP Chair) or Kirsti (NNEP Coordinator)
Email: contemporaryartcley@gmail.com
Tel: 01362 668641